Hands-on with OSF projects for sharing open codes, data and materials


Associate Professor Sparks will lead a hands-on session to work through creating an OSF project to share your codes and data.

2019-12-11 10:10 AM — 10:30 AM
Customs House, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
399 Queen St, Brisbane, Qld, 4000, Australia

Unfortunately due to technical issues and time constraints we did not get to cover the hands-on exercise during Re:produce.

Associate Professor Adam Sparks has over 20 yrs of agronomy & pathology experience working in the US, Philippines & Australia. He leads University of Southern Queensland - Australia Summer crop pathology team & his work currently focuses on plant disease modelling & integrated disease management in sorghum, mungbean & rice. Along with Dr. Emerson Del Ponte from the University of Vi├žosa, Brazil, in 2018 he co-founded Open Plant Pathology, a community of plant pathology, plant disease epidemiology, pathogen population biology, microbial ecology and genomics researchers that supports the several forms of open science practices in plant pathology.